Famous Canadians Last Name D

Famous Canadians Whose Last Names Start With Letter “D”

Daigle, Alexander – Hockey Player

Daley, Trevor

Dallaire, Roméo

Damphousse, Vince – Hockey Player

Daoust, Dan – Hockey Player

Davies, Robertson

Davis, William B.

De Carlo, Yvonne

Delvecchio, Alex – Hockey Player

Desman, Shawn

Dewhurst, Colleen

Diefenbaker, John

Dion, Celine

Dionne, Marcel – Hockey Player

Dionne Quintuplets

Dobson, Fifi

Doherty, Denny

Domi, Max – Hockey Player

Domi, Tie – Hockey Player

Donlon, Denise

Doohan, James

Doug and the Slugs

Doughty, Drew – Hockey Player

Downchild Blues Band

Down With Webster


Dryden, Ken – Hockey Player

Dunsmore, Rosemary

Dupuis, Roy

Durance, Erica

Durbin, Deanna

Dusk, Matt

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