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We Matter Campaign

Brother and Sister – Kelvin and Tunchai Redvers – share a vision of preventing suicide in indigenous communities by empowering youth through messages of hope.  Their goal is to help create healthy, vibrant indigenous communities where youth are connected to their land and culture, and have the resiliency to feel good about who they are.  Learn More…  (Georgia Straight Vancouver’s News & Entertainment Weekly. 2017-02-03).

Kelvin and Tunchai travelled to Attawapiskat, Ontario, and Ulukhaktok, Northwest Territories, to share their messages with youth in those communities. They reached out to  A Tribe Called Red, Wab Kinew, Elizabeth May, Cindy Blackstock, and Ryan McMahon.

Within the first month WE MATTER CAMPAIGN reached more than a million people across CANADA through social media.

The Redvers belong to the Denınu K’ueFirst Nation. They were born in Hay River, Northwest Territories (population 3,600+).

Kelvin Redvers – Award-Winning Aboriginal Filmmaker.

Tunchai Redvers – Indigenous social justice warrior, master of social work student.

3 Distinct Aboriginal Peoples

3 Distinct Aboriginal Peoples in Canada: First Nations, Inuit, Metis

The Canadian Constitution recognizes three groups of Aboriginal peoples: First Nations, Inuit and Métis – three distinct peoples with unique histories, languages, cultural practices and spiritual beliefs.

According to the 2016 Census, more than 1.67 million people in Canada identify as Aboriginal.

Aboriginal peoples are:

  • the fastest growing population in Canada – grew by 42.5% between 2006 and 2016
  • the youngest population in Canada – about 44% were under the age of 25 in 2016
  • There are more than 630 First Nation communities in Canada, representing more than 50 Nations and 50 Indigenous languages.