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Harry Elton – Canadian Producer

Without Canadian Producer Harry Elton Corrie may never have been born.

Harry was working on another show for Granada TV when he met Tony Warren who was writing for Granada TV, adapting the work of others on a contract basis.

Tony Warren was unhappy with his assignment and refused to continue. He wanted to write about something he was familiar with – like the north of England.

Harry Elton was impressed with Warren’s writing and told him to go and write a show that would take Britain by storm – and that is how Coronation Street was born.

Granada TV executives were not supportive. They said it would never work and told Harry Elton that he was a Canadian so didn’t understand. No one would watch it; it was too dreary, too real and no one would understand the Manchester accent.

At Harry’s insistence the network committed to a try-out only. They shot 2 pilots.


Harry thought it was a brilliant idea; that Tony was doing some brilliant writing so he transmitted the pilot to everyone who worked at Granada TV, and handed out forms with questions: Do you like the show? Do you like this character? What do you like?

The response was overwhelmingly positive. Harry presented the answers to the owners of Granada. They were bowled over and gave the green light to continue.


Tony Warren knew that he was writing the show for a Canadian so he spelled it out in detail and in doing so he spelled it out for the midlands and south of England as well.

Coronation Street debuted on December 9, 1960 in England and by 1963 was a huge hit in the UK watched by 1/3 of the population.

Coronation Street – Canadian Connection

Corrie Crazy Canucks

Why so much love for Coronation Street? NOSTALGIA? Many Canadians have British ancestry, and many Brits live in Canada so the show provides that connection to family and friends. But Corrie fans are all across Canada, both Brits and non-Brits, so could there be another reason?

Canadians are Corrie Crazy. Could it be, in part, to a little known fact concerning Coronation Street’s direct Canadian connection?