Solo Artists Music C-D

Canadian Musicians, Singers, Songwriters by Last Name

Last Name Starts with “C”
Cameron, John Allen
Canyon, George
Cara, Alessia
Carter, Wilf
Cash, Andrew
Chante, Keisha
Charlebois, Robert
Church, Jarvis
Clark, Terry
Clayton-Thomas, David
Cochrane, Tom
Cockburn, Bruce
Cohen, Leonard
Cole, Holly
Connors, Stompin Tom
Cook, Jesse
Cox, Deborah
Cuddy, Jim
Cummings, Burton
Curtola, Bobby

Last Name Starts with “D”
Dalbello, Lisa
Danko, Rick
Dion, Celine
Doane, Melanie
Dobson, Fefe
Doherty, Denny
Doucette, Gerry
Downie, Gord
Doyle, Alan
Dusk, Matt

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